I never imagined how impactful would be for me to buy a drone.

First off, I didn't know I would feel like an 11-year-old boy, and that I would never look at an avenue, a river, or a mountain in the same way again.

Three years ago, my trips got an extra layer of wonder thanks to a NASA technology that I was suddenly carrying on my backpack, surprising me when I flew it over as much as when I returned home to edit the material.

When I started thinking on a name for this new project, my grandfather came to mind instantly, for being the person who taught me always to try and see things from different perspectives. Don Duilio, as everyone called him, had a calm serenity and a different view on things.

This is how Dron Duilio was born, like a project that reconnects me with him and that tries to transmit a little bit of peace from another perspective, just like Don Duilio offered us.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy flying my drone.

Fer Bozzoletti